Halo fan ready to roll in home built Warthog


Can reenact piss-easy final stage

A seven-year labour of love is about to come to fruition as a U.S. Halo fan is putting the finishing touches to his very own Warthog, albeit one without a mounted cannon.

Reddit-user “Bryanthavercamp” has spent the last few years crafting the custom vehicle out of components from a Chevy truck, a beat-up dune buggy, and a helluva load of 3D printed parts. The vehicle is fully-functioning, as seen in images posted to Reddit by the creator’s friend “CAPNJ1mmy.”

The bodywork is, of course, entirely bespoke and original, as are the (not-quite-so Halo) seatbelts, airbags and headlights, all required to help the Warthog become road-legal, a status that is allegedly going to be reached within a week or two, once the beast is tested for emissions.

I’m not quite sure how I’d feel rounding a corner and seeing this behemoth bearing down on me, but at least we know it’ll have very floaty physics, and could likely be flipped over with just a slight nudge.

Home-made Halo Warthog [Reddit]

[Photo credits: CAPNJ1mmy and Bryanthavercamp]