There might be evidence of a battle royale mode for Halo Infinite


Halo Infinite battle royale has a ring to it

A battle royale mode? In a shooter? In 2021? I for one am shocked! And I’m quite certain that a Halo Infinite battle royale would spark all sorts of emotions.

Remember that Halo Infinite test period recently? The same one that also was datamined for major story spoilers that were confirmed by Microsoft? Well, we got a much less cheeky revelation here: the possible existence of a battle royale mode. As spotted by ResetEra, famed voice actor and Halo announcer Jeff Steitzer allegedly has a line referring to “battle royale” in the game files. It’s done in the same cadence as he would when announcing a gametype at the top of a match.

So note that this isn’t fully confirmed on multiple levels. While Microsoft did warn people about the narrative spoilers, they haven’t acknowledged this particular tidbit yet: probably because there’s a lot less to go on here compared to the 800 lines of dialogue that were leaked for the former. Microsoft will likely announce a Halo Infinite battle royale mode on their own if it exists.

In any case, some people will probably freak out if the game didn’t get one (as everyone is moving that way), and a lot of folks will be mad if it does include one. You can’t really win with modern shooter design! I say bring it on. I’d love to see 343’s take on it; and if it keeps Halo Infinite around with the same SKU for longer, and uses the same open season pass concept, it’s a win for people who enjoy it and everyone else can ignore it.