Halo Infinite has some fantastic voice lines for its poor, poor Grunts


It’s a living

I’ve long held that Halo is, oftentimes, hilarious. If you get Gravity Hammered, your Spartan doesn’t just roll over and die; they go flying across the level in ragdoll fashion. Through Mongoose crashes, long-distance fusion coil lobs, and bizarre explosions, Halo has laughs. And on the campaign side, that shines through in the Grunts of Halo Infinite.

Since the campaign of Halo Infinite launched last week, I’ve been chipping my way through the story, veering between open-world distractions and proper missions. Through all of it, I’ve faced many, many Grunts. They are the core of the Banished army, the pawns on the chessboard of Halo. And if nothing else, the Grunts of Halo Infinite seem acutely aware of this fact.

Players have been posting clips of the often-hilarious voice lines Grunts yell out during combat in Halo Infinite. One TikTok from @voltage68, embedded in a tweet below, shows a Grunt running at the player with two Plasma Grenades activated. And as they run, they exclaim “I didn’t mean to turn these on!”

Halo infinite by far has the best grunt dialogue pic.twitter.com/Zd322vuJiv

— Anime (@Animetiddyy) December 11, 2021

Halo player Mint Blitz (who’s also shared around clips like the infamous flying grapple physics) caught a similar moment and many more. The Grunts really seem aware of how much suffering they’re forced to endure in the world of Halo. They’re the first line of offense and defense against the “Demon,” Master Chief, who has annihilated legions of Grunts over the years.

And yet, in their resignation to their fate, it becomes tragic comedy. “I didn’t mean to turn these on” is a great laugh line. But “it’s a living” feels ripped right from the pages of Looney Tunes and The Flintstones in the best ways.

Even when not subjecting themselves to Plasma Grenade runs, the other Banished forces of Halo Infinite are more than happy to volunteer a Grunt or two for the frontline. I think everyone’s first encounter with a thrown Grunt is a special one. It’s hard to not just stop and stare at the majesty of a Grunt being lobbed through the air by a Brute.

Halo Infinite has, so far, a pretty solid campaign. But the humor of its voice lines, coupled with the open, malleable nature of its combat and exploration, really make trekking across Zeta Halo fun. Where else will an Elite openly rib you for having bad aim? The Grunts are the icing on the cake though. They are the self-aware, self-deprecating, darkly humorous mortar holding together the bricks of Halo‘s world.

That might be a bit much, but come on. Watch this clip below and tell me you don’t at least feel a little bit of sympathy for this poor lil’ guy’s plight.

I regret not letting him finish his line, he did have a point pic.twitter.com/EWs2FJPfA1

— Wendell Williams (@WdlWilliams) December 13, 2021

So next time a Grunt manages to take you out in the Halo Infinite campaign, let him dance around a bit and cheer. They have more than earned the celebration.