I bought a Nerf blaster for a Halo Infinite skin and regret nothing


This is the best argument for never giving me spending money, and I simply do not care

Growing up, you always dream of the day you have the cash to buy something frivolous for yourself. Something you want but don’t need like, say, a Nerf rifle version of a Halo Infinite assault rifle.

So now that I’m older, I’ve bought myself a Halo Infinite Nerf assault rifle. This one was for you, my younger self.

Microsoft and 343 Industries have been running several tie-ins for Halo Infinite with chances to get in-game cosmetics, ranging from some silly ones to typical ones. Yet when I saw the Halo Infinite AR, after spending days and nights playing the shadow-dropped Halo Infinite multiplayer, I knew I had to get it. I’m older now. I have the cash to spare.

Well folks, it arrived today, and honestly? I don’t regret a penny of it.

The Nerf blaster itself is a pretty solid recreation of the Halo Infinite MA40, or Assault Rifle, in plastic-y Nerf form. It’s got some bulk to it, and a good mechanical feel thanks to the locking Nerf clip, rail riser, fake ammo counter, and internal motor.

The Halo Infinite MA40 Nerf Blaster in real life

I don’t know when they started making Nerf blasters this cool, because I still remember the single-shot pump-action ones. But not only does this one have an internal motor that requires some battery power, but it’s much larger than I anticipated. I was under the assumption that kids, or at least older kids, would be the target demo. It’s not actual rifle-sized, but it’s definitely bulkier, sturdier, and larger than I imagined.

And while the Nerf rifle itself is fun, just as entertaining is having it in-game in Halo Infinite too. I’ve liked the toy variants in other games like Valorant, and the Halo Infinite Nerf rifle looks genuinely fun in-game. Sadly no darts on the ground that I noticed, but the colors and little Nerf dart charm are already a good time.

The Halo Infinite MA40 Nerf Blaster in-game

And like other cosmetics, players can pick up and use my Assault Rifle, so really this gift goes out to all of you. I’ll be dropping a cool, colorful Assault Rifle every time I die and, if my efforts to secure the objective in Big Team Battle are any indication, you’ll be finding a hefty number of colorful Assault Rifles on the ground.

So while it was a pricy skin—running about $50 USD when I bought it—I’ve got both a sick new prop and a fun new in-game MA40. I’ve spent more for less. And honestly, it’s a lot better than chugging more Rockstar Energy for another XP boost.