343 Industries discusses changes coming to Halo Infinite Tenrai event


The developers discussed feedback and changes they’re making to the event pass

The Fracture: Tenrai event for Halo Infinite is currently on pause, but when it returns, it sounds like there will be some changes. In a recent stream, 343 Industries discussed the event rewards for the Tenrai event as well as Halo Infinite monetization, and shared how they were looking at both.

Previously, some parts of the Tenrai event—specifically, its cosmetics—were split between the event pass and the store. One in particular, the Kabuto armor, was a point of feedback. 343 confirmed on stream and on Twitter that it’s changing up the pass after Tier 10: all XP boosts and challenge swaps are being replaced with other items, including the full Kabuto armor set and pose.

Cosmetic items that were only in the store and event pass will now only be available in the Tenrai event, too. More event challenges will also be added, so players won’t get stuck behind regular challenges. In addition, 343 confirmed they are reviewing the store monetization. The HAZOP armor from previous games being paid in Halo Infinite, and for a decent amount of cash, hasn’t instilled confidence in every Halo Infinite player.

This all highlights one of the ongoing tensions of Halo Infinite on the multiplayer side. It is a free-to-play game, rather than a mode packed in a one-time purchase box. So it’s trying to strike a balance between the models that Halo players are used to and common practices for a F2P multiplayer shooter. Even though it’s been quick to address some criticisms, there’s always more to ask.

Either way, the Tenrai cosmetics being added into the Halo Infinite event pass is solid, in my view. It’s good to know I’ll be able to unlock a few more cosmetics when the event returns in January. But I am curious to see how Halo Infinite‘s monetization changes as it rolls into future seasons.