Halo Infinite's Fractured Tenrai event is back, with improvements


It’s actually worth playing now

In late 2021, Halo Infinite featured its first event (Fractured Tenrai) and it was kind of a big old mess. The rewards were underwhelming (and had a chunk of soulless things like XP boosts and challenge swaps), the challenge system was atrocious, and items from the event were sold on the paid item shop. Pretty much everything that could make the event worse was implemented. Yet, true to their word, 343 brought the Fractured Tenrai event back for “week 2” (January 4, 2022 – January 10, 2022) with some enhancements.

The big improvements are:

  • Better XP/challenge flow
  • More actual rewards instead of things you can find on the regular season pass

As of this week, event challenges have “more priority,” which lines up with my personal experience with week 2 thus far. In the past, challenges that actually progressed the Tenrai pass (denoted by orange flags for fiesta mode) were more rare, to the point where I’d have to play tons of regular matches (for no Tenrai progress) to get the Tenrai challenges to “show up.” It completely eliminated the point of having an event and felt predatory to get people to keep playing to have a random chance of progressing the Tenrai track. Now the cap of Tenrai challenges is higher (10) and they’re more frequent.

The other change involves the cosmetics. In addition to moving premium (cash shop) items to the actual pass going forward, the reward track is now a bit more engaging, with, you know more event items in the mix. You can find the full breakdown from 343 Industries here, and the new track below.

Fractured Tenrai 2

The best part of the event? You can still earn the armor core (read: the main “samurai” style armor base) on level five (of 30) in the event pass. With these changes and the reward/XP bump, you can essentially play just a day or so of the event, unlock the big prize, then stop. Or keep going and tweak it, now that the glacial pace has ended. It’s still not perfect and as engaging as events in other games, but it feels a lot less predatory now as there’s actual hope for unlocking some of these rewards sans grinding.

Fractured Tenrai is currently underway with week 2, which runs through January 10. Week 3 will be implemented on February 1, 2022 – February 7, 2022.