Halo: Reach hits the Master Chief Collection really soon


December 3

Microsoft continues to add onto the compilation that is theHalo: The Master Chief Collection, especially as the publisher gears up for the impending full PC launch.

As part of the X019 festivities, Microsoft has announced that Halo: Reachwill be joining the bundle and is set for a December 3 release. You can buy the whole enchilada (love that phrase) for $39.99 ($10 more than the standard collection), or just Halo: Reachas a standalone game for $9.99.

But wait, isn’t this a first-party game, and thus eligible for Game Pass? Yep! If you have the service (which is currently $1 for three months), you can download it on Game Pass. As a note, Reachwill also hit Xbox One, so this isn’t a special PC-exclusive thing. If you’re down, pre-loading is available…now!