Halo TV show gets the Cortana actress from the games


Oh yeah, there’s a Halo TV show…

Showtime’s Halotelevision series was poised to make a grave mistake. It was going to cast Cortana as someone other than the voice we’ve heard in our ears across every mainline Halogame. What a catastrophe that’d have been.

Because of COVID-19, the near-error has been righted. IGN reveals that the HaloTV show has recast the role of Cortana with the role’s original voice actress. Originally, Natascha McElhone was set to play both Dr. Catherine Halsey and Cortana. However, the pandemic imposed scheduling problems that forced McElhone to back out of the Cortana role.

Now, Jen Taylor is taking over. Taylor is the most recognizable Cortana, as she has served as the voice actress in every major Halogame. She’s also the voice of Cortana as the virtual assistant on Windows devices.

This iteration of the HaloTV show was announced more than two years ago as a 10-episode season that’d be produced as a collaborative effort between Amblin Entertainment and 343 Industries. There’s no real indication as to how far along into production the project is, meaning we have no idea when it’ll actually premiere.

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