Handstanding on everything in The Farm in Destiny 2


Such is the Hunter way

Bungie opened up The Farm, Destiny 2‘s social space taking place of The Tower, for just one hour this afternoon. It was a good time to become familiar with the new environment, hang out with friends, and play some really janky soccer.

Or if you’re a Hunter at heart, it was an opportunity to jump on top of things a lot. Destiny 2‘s new clamber ability is helpful for this, allowing for near-missed jumps to still land, even in the social spaces. And if you were fortunate enough to be granted a human male for the beta, then you got the best new dance in the game, which features a slick one-handed spinning handstand.

Here are some places to handstand on The Farm.

Overlooking the soccer field

On top of this tractor

On this chimney with Epcot in the background

On this antenna on top of the hangar

On top of some heavy ordnance

At the peak of the hangar

On top of this Dead Orbit box

On top of the giant microscope

With the windmills and the shard of the Traveler in the background

On an antenna attached to the mill (hey, there’s that heavy ordnance in the bottom left)

Disrupting a pickup game of the ol’ footie

On top of the new vault

In this totally chill fire pit

On top of a power cable pole

Next to a large monochrome sphere

On the cables connecting two buildings

On whatever this thing is

Inside this secret tunnel

In the new Eververse tent

On some spare Sparrow parts

At the end of the dock

In the new Cryptarch station

In a serial killer’s workshop

On the broken fountain

On this cart my fireteam member was veryinterested in

On the bench at the end of the dock

Bonus: a biffed Christ Air off the rocks