'Gunslinging Messiah' Happy Chaos is Guilty Gear Strive's third DLC character


This spiritual plane ain’t big enough for both of us

As promised by the anime-lovin’ studio, Arc System Works has revealed the identity of the third DLC character headed to its flashy fighting title, Guilty Gear Strive. As unveiled during the weekend’s Red Bull Kumite event, gun-toting trickster Happy Chaos will be bringing their brand of wild, lead-spewing action to the ring in just a few weeks’ time.

Having made their presence felt in numerous Guilty Gear chapters, Happy Chaos is — as their name suggests — a being born of carnage and destruction, having used their otherworldly powers to sew strife, distrust, and disarray throughout the Guilty Gear universe. Previously known as “The Original”, Happy Chaos played his fellow fighters, such as Jack-O Valentine and I-no, like puppets, to seemingly numerous mysterious ends. Some people just want to watch the world burn.

In battle Happy Chaos will wield his powerful and magical firearms to keep the opposition at bay, moving with a surprisingly measured and deliberate style despite his lanky and lithe frame. Of course, being part of the Guilty Gear universe, Happy Chaos nightmarish visage, mysterious origins, and otherworldly, messianic presence doesn’t stop them from also being stylish, cool and sexy as hell. ArcSys just can’t help themselves with these character designs. Happy Chaos is the third DLC character in GG Strive Season Pass 1, following on from Goldlewis Dickinson and Jack-O Valentine.

Season pass owners will be able to check out the monster of mirth from November 30. All other players will be able to purchase Happy Chaos in-game from December 7. Guilty Gear Strive is available now on PlayStation and PC platforms.