Harmonix survey asks what you would want from a new Rock Band experience


Just more Rock Band, to be honest

The Rock Bandfranchise has shown promising signs of revitalization lately. Earlier this week, there was the surprise announcement of a trio of fresh downloadable tracks. Now, Harmonix has posted a survey throwing all sorts of hypotheticals at players that probably just want more Rock Band.

The questionnaire started off by asking what sort of familiarity people had with past entries in the series, and what their primary mindset was when playing. Looking more forward, the survey asked that the following be ranked by order of importance: weekly DLC, compatibility of hardware, campaign mode, variety of venues, in-game events, local multiplayer, online multiplayer, large library of songs, Pro instruments and lessons, compatibility of existing DLC, character customization, and competitive leaderboards.

Perhaps the most interesting of those dozen choices was the recipient of its own question: “Assuming that it would have compatibility with existing hardware, which version of a new Rock Band experience would you prefer to receive?” Harmonix might have a difficult time convincing its audience to buy a new round of plastic instruments. But, if that barrier to entry’s removed, well, that’s one good reason for the band to get back together.

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