Harmonix's Fuser is comin' in November and everybody's jumpin'


We like to party, we like we like to party

Harmonix has never been left wanting for cool and innovative ideas that meld music and games. One such example went a bit under the radar in 2017 when Harmonix created some legitimately neat tech that allowed players to mash songs together on the fly. That was DropMixand it impressed most everyone who played it, but the expensive peripherals made it a tough sell for some.

Come November, Harmonix is basically releasing DropMixin video game form without the need for any additional devices. It’s Fuser, a DJ mixing game where players take individual sections of popular songs and remix them against other songs, with options to change the tempo and key too. The possibilities are endless, and it seems like the kind of thing where Harmonix’s tech will make even the most ridiculous mashup sound better than it has any right to.

Today, Harmonix announced that Fuserlaunches on November 10 on PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One. Two months until the party kicks off. That’s when you find out whether you can subvert Harmonix’s intentions and come up with a creation that truly sounds like nails on a chalkboard.