Hate Badge Arcade on 3DS? Build this machine to cheese it


Constantly switching triggers

I really dig Badge Arcadefor what it is, as I haven’t paid a cent yet for it and I’ve gotten a ton of icons and badges to decorate my 3DS — a privileged I would have to pay for on nearly every other platform. But some haven’t taken very well to the means in which it pushes its microtransactions, guilting folks into spending money by way of a cute rabbit (just like the StreetPass Plaza games). In that case, you can build this handy machine to cheese it.

So you’re probably confused — what does this do? Well, in-game, by switching between levels, you can get badges to shift in place. In a lot of cases said badges will just fall into the score area on their own, even without any player manipulation.

[via Tiny Cartridge]