Hatred is gonna write angsty poems on your bedroom wall on June 1


Yeah, no. Thanks all the same

Do I absolutely have to pay any attention to this game? I do? Well fuck, fine. Let’s get it over with.

Scum of the earth simulator Hatred is bringing its oh-so-edgy self to Steam on June 1. To ‘celebrate’ this announcement, they’ve shat out a trailer that is obviously very NSFW, and contains a lot of disturbing images. It features the same 14 year old fanfiction levels of angst, that god-awful leather coat again, and of course there’s the graphic murder that made waves when it initially released.

It’s also going to be the first AO (Adults Only) rated game on Steam, beating the many visual novels and dating simulators who have had to cut out their sexual content to get on to the platform. It’s been one big ball of useless, greasy controversy with arguments about freedom of expression and whether Valve were right to remove it from Greenlight and then reinstate it.

Honestly I don’t want to touch this fucking thing with a ten foot bargepole. I respect that it has the right to exist, and I appreciate that this game will appeal to a lot of people. If that’s you, great. I hope you enjoy it. However, I sure as hell won’t be buying it when it comes out, and I question what specifically it was about this game that made Valve create an exception to their rules against AO content. What are they seeing in this game that I’m not?