Hatsune Miku joins Persona 4: Dancing All Night


A match made in Heaven

In case you were wondering just how long it would take for Sega and Atlus to finally cross streams, Hatsune Miku is making a guest appearance inPersona 4: Dancing All Night.

The digital diva will perform a remix of “Heaven,” the theme from thedungeon that shares its name.

Atlus is releasing the downloadable song in mid-August, at least in Japan, where the rhythm game has been available since late June. The western localization is currently still on track for an autumn release, which just so happens to be when Sega is publishing a new Hatsune Miku game.

Seems like a perfect pairing and great opportunity for Sega and Atlus to, dare I say it, synergize.

P4Dに初音ミク参戦!8月中旬、追加楽曲配信決定! [Persona Channel]