Have a ton of new Berserk Warriors screens


Also, new mechanics

Over on the official website for Berserk Warriors, a ton of new screenshots and mechanical details have emerged. As promised the story will not only deal with the Golden Age arc (presumably capping off with the Eclipse, already confirmed in the game’s teaser), but the Black Swordsman era as well, up to theMillennium Falcon arc.

Interestingly enough a few core concepts have been divulged, like the “Kill-Crush” system, which makes you stronger the more you attack, allowing you to rip enemies in two with enhanced power. Apostle boss fights are also confirmed, and will be particularly tough, as are multiple weapon types, like Guts’ cannon and crossbow.

It’ll be out on September 21 in Japan, at which point I’ll be importing it. A western date is not confirmed but the publisher has hinted at 2017.

Berserk [Game City via Gematsu]