Have another look at the Pok?mon Red Nendoroid


The Pok?mon really sell it

Good Smile Company announced a brand new Pokémon Nendoroid the other day (via Tomopop) based off of Pokémon Origins protagonist Red, but all we really had to go off of back then were fuzzy images of a sign displayed during Bandai’s series of announcements.

Now, we’ve got a good luck at little Red and a price point: ¥4,500 (~$44), which seems quite reasonable. He’s set to be released in Japan this September. I’m sure it’ll be a whole production if you want to get your hands on it, but looking at these new photos really makes me want to put forth an effort. He’s gotta be the cutest trainer I’ve ever seen, short of Duplica. That’s riiiight!

More shots of the Trainer Red Nendoroid [TinyCartridge]