Have mercy: This Zelda: Breath of the Wild light-up Guardian Sword is my jam


Someone print me one please

Twitter user Porzellan recently put up a pretty badass and stoic demonstration of a 3D-printed Guardian Sword from Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and the ensuing video it’s worth 13 seconds of your time.

The process involves using translucent PLA filament because “it’s really easy to use and will let the NeoPixel LEDs shine through.” According to the instructions “the parts were 3D printed on a Type A Machines Series 1 Pro 3D printer (which typically go for $4,000). It’s got a massive build volume of 12 by 12 by 12 inches, so it’s great for making huge parts.”

Porzellan notes that if you want to make the same rockin’ piece, you can head over to Adafruit for instructions. We tracked them down hereand listed the part requirements below. Be sure and share yours via our quickpost or blog system if you decide to make one of your own!

I made a 3d printed guardian sword! The led strips are coded with an Arduino adafruit trinket ✨ Full tutorial to make your own is on @adafruit ‘s website ❤️ pic.twitter.com/VW361j3d3X

— Porzellan (@PorzellanPNG) June 27, 2018


You’ll need the following parts to build this project.

Tools &Supplies

You’ll also need the following tools and supplies to complete this project.

Machine Screws

  • The parts are held together with screws to make it sturdy and easyto assemble.
  • Blade sidesM2.5 x .5 x 8MM screwsor #4-40-3/8.
  • After the blades are connect the two halves arecombined using twentyM2 x .4 x 12MMscrews or #2-56×1/2 screws.
  • The Trinket is mounted withM2 x 4mm screws.
  • The Lipo Backpack uses one M2.5 x 5mm screw.