Heads up, Dtoid NY! Join us for Game Night on May 24th!


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Are you a New York-area Dtoider? Then this party’s for you!

We’ve partnered with our friends at Disqus (AKA, the people behind our comments system) to bring the Dtoid community together for an afternoon of games and fun! At Dtoid NYC Game Night, you’ll get to try out several local NYC-based games, party with their creators, and participate in tourneys for classic games like Street Fighter II and Mortal Kombat! Tournament and raffle prizes include Zen Monkey Studios t-shirts (see gallery), Steam gift cards, custom trophies, and more! There’ll be food and drinks on-hand (meaning this party is 21 and over — sorry, kids), plus plenty of awesome people from the Dtoid community, current staff, and alumni. (Jonathan Holmes, Conrad Zimmerman, and Samit Sarkar are all confirmed.)

Sound like your jam? Then head over to the registration page now and sign up! Space is extremely limited, so reserve your spot early. The doors open at 2pm on Saturday, May 24th — we hope to see you there!

Here’s a list of the games and developers in attendance:

The Hero Trap, by SmashWorx

The Hero Trap is a frenetic roguelike where dungeon dwellers are hellbent on your destruction… or are they? You, the hero of this tale have been promised the ultimate reward — your heart’s desire — but though many are lured, none have succeeded. But you have a plan! you will gather the souls of great warriors to aid you on your quest. Don’t get too attached, though; their spirit energy can only withstand so much punishment before they go back into the spiritual ooze.

Junk Rocket, by Root Beer Barrel Boys

Aliens are preparing to attack. Garbage is your only hope. Build and pilot your patented Junk Rocket to blast the Alien Menace to smithereens! Aliens have destroyed all of the best and brightest in the world, and now it’s up to one brave soul and his crew of poorly-trained technicians to mount a desperate counterattack. Use your junk cannons to prepare your ship for the ravages of space, and then navigate your way to the alien overlord for a thrilling showdown!

Hermit Crab in Space, by Golden Ruby Games

One part Star Fox, one part Minecraft, with a healthy dose of Captain Forever mixed in, Hermit Crab in Space was the winner of the IndieCade East GameJam in February 2013 and Finalist at IndieCade Prime! Accidentally warped into a hostile alien sector, you must fight your way back to the Hermit Crab homeworld while destroying and salvaging enemy ships to build on to your own.

Game of Phones, by Luke Stern and Sam Wander

Game of Phones is a totally new kind of card game. Race to find the best or weirdest things on your smartphone to win.

A new mystery word game by Simple Machine

Simple Machine is unveiling a new game at our event that has to do with words and typing. That’s all we know! They’ve created several fun titles for you mobile devices such as Circadia, 4Thrones, Hoots, and many more, and you can be among the first to see their latest game!