Heart Forth, Alicia slips to 2018


‘We committed to side with quality and not rush things out’

The promising metroidvania Heart Forth, Alicia won’t make it out this year. Writing to backers on Kickstarter, designer Alonso Martin cited three reasons for the game’s delay “well into 2018”:

  • The first is the sheer amount of content and effort that a project of this size demands. We’re a small team working to bring a complex and ambitious game to life, and even as I’ve involved people I trust to expedite specific parts of development, in many ways this is still a single-man project that needs its due time to come together as intended.”
  • “The second reason is that the tools we use to make the game come with inherent limitations that we can’t escape from, and which are part of our development cycle. Talking about tools, processes, or detailing our whole workflow is hardly exciting, but the takeaway is that sometimes these limitations require us to invest extra time on certain processes. While predicting when this will happen is not always possible, we’ve grown accustomed to these limitations, and we’ve become adept at mitigating them. Even then, they do add to the project’s development time.”
  • “The third reason is that earlier this year I ran into a health episode that I took as a wake up call. Extended periods of sitting down and working unhealthy hours had taken a toll on my body, and I was warned that things would get serious if I didn’t change course. I still continue working on HFA seven days a week, but under a reasonably healthier schedule. This necessary change of pace was also reflected in our timeline adjustments.”

That last point alone would have sufficed.

Aside from the trailer, there’s a new demo for backers. It’s playable on Windows and Mac and includes “classic action and metroidvania gameplay, the exploration of the first dungeon of the game, its fun combat mechanics, its tricky puzzles, and an epic boss fight with a menacing fiend named Sceadu.”

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