Here are a few quick tips for some of the tougher Mega Man X Legacy Collection trophies/achievements



Mega Man has a long and storied history as an alienating series. Although it can be easier to pick up if you stick with it, some opening segments for select games have proven to be a pain for some; and for years folks have left the memories of them abandoned to rot. No more!

Since it’s by far the most requested entry for a tips guide from readers, here’s a short rundown of how to nab some of the more difficult trophies/achievements in the first Mega Man X Legacy Collection.

Reconnaissance Complete – View 20 images across all four titles, then change the wallpaper to the secret image

This is a poorly worded bit of text. Based on the phrasing you’d think that viewing 20 images would unlock the secret image. Nope!

You have to beat a game then make the unlocked image your wallpaper after viewing 20 images in the options menu gallery.

Note: You get one secret wallpaper for finishing one game, and another for finishing all four.

Audio Signal Incoming –Listen to 10 tracks for long enough with the Music Player, and then listen to the secret track

Same thing here: you don’t pop the challenge by listening to 10 songs. Instead you’ll need to unlock the secret track by completing the new X Challenge Mode.

Nobody Nose My Sorrow – Cut off Flame Mammoth’s trunk in Mega Man X

This one is a bit unintuitive since Flame Mammoth’s weakness isStorm Eagle’s Storm Tornado, but if you use Boomer Kuwanger’s Boomerang Cutter, it’ll lop his nose off.

If you miss out on this one during your first run through every stage you can knock the challenge out in the Sigma levels when you fight Flame Mammoth again.

Take Your Time –Watch Morph Moth’s metamorphosis in Mega Man X2 without interfering

Another simple challenge that’s not immediately obvious. Just don’t attack Morph Moth at all until he changes his state. The same principle applies for Sigma stages, you get another crack at this.

He Brought Fists to a Mech Fight – Use a Ride Armor to score the final hit against Magma Dragoon in Mega Man X4

Near the end of the Magma Dragoon level there’s a ride armor suit available. Grab it and carefully make your way through the flames so the armor doesn’t lose all of its health before the boss battle. Go under the main route and punch open the rocks to start the fight.

Then, simply jump out of the ride armor and battle Magma Dragoon as normal. When he’s very low health hop back in and kill him with it. You’ll unlock the challenge.

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In the Heart of Battle – Learn the Hadoken in Mega Man X

Capcom really hid this special Street Fighter move Easter egg well — so well that the process is really wacky and involves dying several times on purpose. Oh, and if you reset your game you’ll lose your ability to wield it.

What you need to get the Hadoken is at least four lives and every item in the game (all levels completed, all heart and subtanks). If you need lives fast the video method linked here works well.

Then head back into Armored Armadillo’s level and leap off of the final cart ride onto the ledge just above the boss door and jump off the cliff. Repeat that three times and you’ll see a new upgrade waiting for you (use the down, quarter-circle forward, shot motion to use it when you have full health). You can also quit the level instead of dying and repeat this process, but using the checkpoint to unlock the Hadoken is much faster.

Attack Me if You Dare – Learn the Shoryuken in Mega Man X2

Mega Man X2 has a similar Street Fighter homage with the Shoryuken move. To unlock it you’ll need to beat every level and acquire every upgrade (just like last time).

Then progress to the third Sigma level until you get to a ladder outside of your reach just after the floating platform section. Use the Crystal Hunter weapon to freeze the bat and boost up. Then after the spikes slide down the left wall into a hidden room.

Zero Squared – Gather all of Zero’s parts and get rescued by the resurrected Zero in Mega Man X2

If you go for the above challenge you’ll unlock this by default with the Zero parts. Near the culmination of the story you’ll have saved Zero and will pop the trophy/achievement.

He Wanted You to Have This – Receive Zero’s beam saber in Mega Man X3

This is probably the easiest special item to unlock.

Locate Vile, an optional boss, before you finish all eight Maverick stages (my recommendation is to just find him in the easy to locateCrush Crayfish pod, which is in a false floor directly following the bit where the spike enemy smashes through the construction site).

Fight the mech as normal then kill Vile with the Ray Splasher (from Neon Tiger), his weakness — this will permanently destroy him. To be clear, you should not fight Vile until you have the Ray Splasher. If you need a bit of an edge you can finish seven stages, get a ton of upgrades, then go back and fight him whenever you want. Vile must be destroyed to gain access to the next step of the questline.

Near the start of the second Dr. Doppler stage (read: Sigma levels after the usual eight), press start, swap to Zero, and defeat the bug miniboss. You don’t want to get grabbed by it — so make sure you dash to the right immediately with Zero and unleash a charged shot/saber combo. Ding! Zero’s saber is yours, just fully charge up your X-buster to use it.