Here are all of The Division's Achievements


And one Judge Dredd reference

Here we are, just hours away from The Division‘s launch. A lot of people are rightfully excited, especially after they had a chance with the beta to see what the game’s all about. Expectations are high all around, but no one may have higher expectations than Ubisoft itself.

One of the last pieces of information to trickle out about The Divisionis what the Achievement list looks like. Now that has been uploaded to the platforms’ servers, so it’s out in the wild through whatever Internet magic makes that possible. Disappointingly, there are no math references. But, there’s some Judge Dredd. A little Judge Dreddgoes a long way.

A good number of the Achievements are dedicated to doing X thing Y times, which is a tired format. Still, killing 20 rogue agents sounds like an accomplishment to celebrate, even if it fits that mold. Deconstructing 100 items does not.

That gripe aside, finishing all of the missions at level 30 on hard difficulty stands out as likely the toughest that The Divisionhas to offer. Either that, or maybe completing a mission at level 30 without anyone being downed or dying. Need some competent teammates for that.

Below are all 50 of The Division‘s Achievements. PlayStation users have a platinum waiting for them if they can nab all the other Trophies. Be wary of the secret ones at the bottom of the list, as they have some progression spoilers.

  • On the Level — Reach Level 30 with an Agent. (45)
  • Marathon — Discover ALL of the Safe Houses in Manhattan. (30)
  • Know No Fear — Finish all of the missions at Level 30 on the Hard difficulty. (50)
  • Hardened Combatant — Complete 20 Missions in Challenge mode. (20)
  • United We Stand — In a play session start and complete a Co-op Mission without anyone being downed or dying. (40)
  • Shadows of the past — Discover all of the World E.C.H.O. scenes in the game. (25)
  • Droning on… — Extract all of the Aerial Photos from the crashed Drones. (25)
  • Survivalist — Recover all of the Survival Handbook pages. (25)
  • Agent Diaries — Extract the final calls from all of the collectible phones found in the World. (25)
  • The Finder — Retrieve the files and reports from all of the missing First Wave Agents. (25)
  • Incident Reports — Extract audio incident reports from all of the JTF laptops. (25)
  • State of the Art — Level up all wings of the Base of Operations and unlock all of the perks. (50)
  • Skillz — Equip 10 different Skill Mods. (10)
  • Skill Kill — Finish off 50 enemies using Skills. (15)
  • The Humanitarian — Purchase the Canine Unit and Pediatric Care Base of Operations Upgrade. (10)
  • Those Signature Moves — Activate any of the Signature Skills 100 times. (25)
  • Natural Talent — Be attributed with a kill while having a Talent active. (10)
  • One Down, Two to Go! — Purchase all of the Talents in any one wing of the Base of Operations. (30)
  • Fixer-Upper — Completely upgrade any two wings of the Base of Operations. (30)
  • Bling! Bling! — Equip all Equipment slots with Superior or High-end Items. (30)
  • Good With My Hands — Craft 10 items. (15)
  • Master Craftsman — Craft a High-end item. (20)
  • Deconstructive Criticism — Deconstruct 100 items. (20)
  • Looking for Group — Join or create a group. (10)
  • Medic! — Revive a team mate 20 times in co-op. (15)
  • Lean On Me — Heal or Buff allies 100 times. (25)
  • Networking — Complete 20 Missions as part of a group. (30)
  • Shut that door — Close a car door while in cover. (5)
  • Raid the Arsenal — Kill 1 enemy with each of the 6 Gun classes. (20)
  • Worth the Wait — Successfully Extract a contaminated item from the Dark Zone. (10)
  • Mass Extraction — Extract an item at all 8 Extraction Zones. (30)
  • Plundered! — Extract a Superior or High-end Item from the Dark Zone. (20)
  • Headhunter — Kill a named Elite in the Dark Zone. (15)
  • You Just Made the List… — Kill 10 Named Enemies in the Dark Zone. (20)
  • For Justice! — Kill a player who has Gone Rogue. (15)
  • I am the LAW! — Kill 20 Rogue Agents. (20)

Secret Achievements:

  • Activated — Get to Manhattan. (10)
  • Outbreak — Discover the origins of the Virus. (10)
  • Can’t stand the heat! — Eliminate the leader of the Cleaners. (10)
  • Crime and Punishment — Eliminate the leader of the Rikers gang. (10)
  • I’ve Got the Power — Secure the Power Plant. (10)
  • Fly on the Wall — Restore the JTF comm relay. (10)
  • Last Man Standing — Eliminate the leader of the Last Man Battalion. (25)
  • You Win Some, You Lose Some — Uncover information on the modification of the Virus. (10)
  • What Needs To Be Done — Hear out Bliss’s Monologue in Grand Central. (10)
  • The Final Curtain — Uncover the Secret Lab. (25)
  • Gain a Foothold — Speak to Fey Lau at the Base of Operations. (5)
  • The Engineer — Rescue Paul Rhodes in Passway Project. (10)
  • The Doctor — Rescue Dr. Jessica Kandel and finish the Madison Square Garden mission. (10)
  • The Captain — Rescue Captain Roy Benitez in Lincoln Tunnel. (10)

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