Here are all the QR codes for Pokemon Sun and Moon


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Now that Pokemon Sunand Moonhave been out for a bit, folks have been figuring out all of its intricacies — or, in some cases, confirming them after the official guide arrived just last weekend. That includes exactly how the QR code system works, as there was only a basic understanding of it leading up to the official rundown.

If you haven’t used the QR menu yet, you should be. In short, you can scan up to 10 codes per day (each of which have a refresh rate of two hours, or 20 in total), which fills in a Pokedex entry for each Pokemon you scan (hint: you can use this to determine spawn locations). If you scan your 10, you can also initiate an “Island Scan” mechanic that highlights a legacy Pokemon you couldn’t normally get on Alola (like Rhyhorn). People thought it was mostly random, but as it turns out it’s entirely linked to the island you’re on, and the day of the week.

You can find the full list of QR codes here(spoilers, obviously), and the entire daily breakdown here. I highly recommend doing this every day, especially on Wednesdays on Akala Island.Honedge is one of the most competitive Pokemonin recent years (hailing from X& Y), and it’s highly coveted, so you can get nearly anything you want off of GTS trades.

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