Here are all the Switch Joy-Con color combos now that the new pairs are in the mix


That’s a lotta Joy-Con!

Yesterday Nintendo unveiled two new color bundles for the pricey Joy-Con remotes, and someone has already taken it upon themselves to give us all of the new color combinations. LimeheadGames has whipped up a Joy-Con chart that showcases them all, so if you’re hunting for a perfect combo, you can test it out visually with this picture.

On one Switch I’m still rocking the day-one grey remotes, and on another, the neon red and neon blue. I’ve had no real Joy-Con issues to speak of and don’t mind the two default color schemes, so I’ve had no desire to buy another pair of expensive remotes! Maybe you’re rocking a cool Splatoon-inspired combo after an errant Joy-Con technical failure.

Remember, none of these can be directly inserted intothe Switch Lite as that’s basically a juiced-up 3DS with the bottom screen ripped off.

Updated Joy-Con Combinations [Reddit]