Here are official Pokemon Dialga and Palkia papercraft models


Pokemon papercraft? Happy December

Pokemon papercraft” is not something I assumed I’d be writing about in December, but here we are.

As you know, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl just came out recently, and although the reception has been somewhat split, they made a splash financially. It is Pokemon after all! The powers that be are charging forward with the dual-release formula and are still reaping the benefits.

But the fourth generation has plenty of nostalgia worked up around it in the last 14 years, including some love for Dialga and Palkia: the legendary duo for Diamond and Pearl. That is spilling over into a new Pokemon papercraft set, which has been released for free on the official site.

You can find both the papercraft downloads and the instructions there, and, uh, there’s a ton of pieces to cut and assemble! Dialga alone requires 78 steps to assemble, and although a lot of them only take a few seconds, for the uninitiated it’s going to require an afternoon of focus.

Of course, Giratina gets no love here as Platinum has been shunned in these remakes. It doesn’t even get a papercraft appearance! While you can count on other stewards to likely add some of that content in via a free update, with Pokemon, what you get at launch is often all you get.