Here are some ways Dark Souls III is a-changin'


Fast travel, hidden walls return

Steven and Chrisboth tried their hands atDark Souls IIIlast month. Despite the increase in overall speed and the addition of the Battle Arts mechanic, they both came away with the opinion that it felt like more Dark Souls(which is what most of us want, anyway!).

Now, via Game Informer‘s October issue, we know a little more about what mechanics will remain and what will be revamped. As far as what’s staying the same, players will be able to fast travel from the beginning of the game, respec their characters (though we don’t know yet if it will be done with a Soul Vessel item), and New Game+ will be similar to Dark Souls IIin that enemy placement will be altered. No more Bonfire Ascetics, though!

One of the biggest changes is that magic will no longer be based on a number of uses. An MP bar will govern use of spells a la Demon’s Souls, which Miyazaki says “[increases]options and freedom of utilization” as well as “clarifiesthe differences in managing items and magic.” After Bloodborneall but neglected magic-wielders, this sounds like welcome news. I’m most excited that illusory walls are going to be breakable again, and I won’t have to tap the search button on every dang surface.

Durability and summoning are also changing a bit, but I’d be a dick if I stole all of Game Informer‘s story.

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