Here are your most requested features for the Nintendo Switch


In the wake of 4.0

This week the Switch got its 4.0 update, which added the power to take video clips. But naturally, there’s some caveats.

Said clips need to be 30 seconds, and only a handful of first-party games support the feature. So it’s not really a hardware-wide rollout, but rather a Nintendo-centric extra for certain titles. In light of all that, our readers took the time to tell us what features they’d like to come to Switch the most, and there are a few that are pretty well agreed upon.

The biggest request? The Virtual Console “as soon as possible.”Some of you want the old NES/SNES stuff from the days of old (both the actual retro days of old and as recently as the Wii and Wii U), and some of you want GameCube support pronto. A few of you had the gallto ask for discounts or free transfers from your 3DS/Wii/Wii U library — which sounds reasonable, but hey, it’s Nintendo here.

Another huge request is, as ctg867 succinctly puts it, a “proper universal account system that ties all your purchases.” It’s getting to the point where spending hundreds of dollars and having things possibly go missing is unacceptable, and tying into this ask, cloud save features like the rest of Nintendo’s competitors are also a big want, and in my view, one of the most essential. It’s beyond crazy that our purchases and data aren’t as safe as other platforms.

Achievements are another thing the community wants to see hit the Switch, followed by better friend features and a full-on console-wide party chat system, folders for games, actually good “Steam-like” sales, and the power to use screenshots as wallpaper. A few of you asked for a better eShop, which was my pick as well! Several readers (oh you!) chimed in with “games,” which is always a cute trolly answer, but when someone said Bayonetta 2I was on board.