Here is how Zelda: Skyward Sword HD works with traditional controls


‘Sword motions can be made by tilting the right control stick’

Right around when Zelda: Skyward Swordcame out so many years ago, folks were trying to figure out ways that they could emulate it with traditional controls.

I mean, I had that exact same thought. Given that motion was used for pretty much everything from shimmying around vines, to flight, to rolling bombs; deadzoning (even with the new Gold Wiimote and several other MotionPlus remotes I owned) was a problem for me. I longed for a traditional control method, and finally, we’re getting one with Skyward Sword HD.

Will it work well? Nintendo thinks so, despite touting that motion was the only way to play way back when. A new tweet sheds some light on things already discussed in the presentation, most notably how sword strokes will work. The tweet showcases how sword motions are triggered by tilting the right analog stick, which allows players to enjoy Skyward Swordeven in portable form (or on the Switch Lite, where traditional controls are their only option).

Truth be told, the mere existence of the Lite is a huge boon for me. I’m enjoying mine, to be sure, but I also like how it now forces Nintendo to try and support traditional controls as an option. Skyward Swordwas occasionally fun with motion, but after that 1000th waggle to do a basic movement a button would have sufficed for, I was ready to swap to another control option; even for just a little while.

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