Here it is, the MAGFest main stage line-up


Including North American debuts of Machinae Supremacy and MegaDriver

In 24 days I’ll be piling into a car with some other Midwest Destructoid members and heading to MAGFest! Now that we have the full line-up, I don’t even know where I want to start when I get there. Wait, with booze. I’ll start with booze.

Here’s what’s up so you can plan accordingly:

Thursday Night Main Stage (6PM – 12AM)– Knight of the Round– Urizen– Random– Bit Brigade

Friday Night Main Stage (6PM – 12AM)– Super Guitar Bros– The Megas– This Place is Haunted– MegaDriver

Saturday Night Main Stage (6PM – 12AM)– On Being Human– The X-Hunters– Those Who Fight– Machinae Supremacy

Don’t forget about all the chiptunes and DJ’sthat will be there, as well as the second stage and the MAGFest Prom! If you’re going this year be sure to let us know: there’s a reason the folks at MAGFest think as highly of us as we do of them, and trust me when I say you want to be a part of the fun!

Sound off in the comments if you’re attending so I can get your names tattooed on my body Memento style. I don’t want to forget anybody!