Here's a closer look at the Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Collector's Edition


Pretty standard stuff

The Heavenswardexpansion launches for Final Fantasy XIVin a few hours, and Square Enix has sent over a copy of the Collector’s Edition. For $130, it includes the expansion, a special box, a dragon mount figure, an artbook, and “Eorzea in Motion – A Realm Revisited,” a video compilation of sorts of all the trailers released so far in disc form.

Additionally, anyone who springs for the $60 Special Edition and above will net an in-game flying griffin mount, a Cecil baron helm, and a Wind-up Kain minion. I’ve taken some pictures of the physical box for your perusal, which you can view in the gallery below. While I’m generally not super excited about most of this package, I have to say the artbook is the best part — the art for this game is beautiful.

Expect our review in progress for Heavenswardover the course of the next week or so.