Here's a few minutes of The Seven Deadly Sins: Knights of Britannia


PS4-exclusive gets gameplay out of TGS

Can you believe that earlier today I had no idea there was a video game in development based on the Showtime documentary series from that guy who got really fat and almost died off McDonalds back in the day, and now I know that’s still the case, despite some initial confusion at first? What a roller coaster.

The Seven Deadly Sins is actually a Japanese comic book that got turned into a cartoon, and is now getting its first-ever console game in the form of PS4 exclusive from publisher Namco Bandai. Above is gameplay from The Seven Deadly Sins: Knights of Britannia looking like very much like a Namco Bandai anime brawler, except with characters I’ve never seen.

Or so I thought.

In fact my pal has been texting me photos from this cartoon, which his wife has been watching. “This giant chick has got some fat nats,” one caption reads. There’s another photo of one of the anime girl showing off her panties, and apparently a previous storyline about missing panties. I am actually an expert in this show, now. What a rollercoaster!