Here's a good look at Housemarque's new side-scroller Matterfall


I’ll never get sick of that dash

There’s still some confusion about what Matterfall is like on account of folks seemingly watching the cinematic trailer, thinking that was cool, and promptly never looking at the game ever again.

For Steven’s part, he described a sort of bullet-hell-meets-Mega Man vibe in his E3 impressions piece last month. You can make up your own mind about the Housemarque side-scroller with this eight-minute narrated gameplay video that mirrors what he played at the show, wasp boss and all.

This game isn’t speaking to me quite like Nex Machina, but it’ll undoubtedly hit the spot for some of you. I’ll keep an open mind until I can go hands-on and see the higher difficulties, of course.

Matterfall is out August 15 for PlayStation 4. That’ll be here in no time.