Here's a new look at Get Packed: a first-on-Stadia Overcooked-like 'couch co-op removal game'


Published by Coatsink

Whoa that headline was a mouthful, but it’s probably the best way to describe Get Packed, a new1-4 player co-op (and competitive) game that’s coming to Stadia first.

Developed by a small five-person indie outfit called Moonshine Studios and published by Coatsink, the self-described “audacious” indie purveyor, the game has a very frantic Overcooked feel to it, which drew me in immediately. Moonshine is giving us a new look at the game today, and provided Destructoid with a little background on what to expect.

Jamie King, designer at Moonshine, says the whole idea started with a real-life move to Cornwall, England. They wanted to create a project with a family focus and a heavy emphasis on co-op, and with the move “all on [their minds,” Get Packedwas born.

King notes that although the game will focus on co-op, there are concessions for competitive play too, as well as online play. The latter, they say, has been enhanced by Stadia, preventing latency issues that would otherwise be present in a standard indie online-enabled game. King also says there’s “single and multiplayer campaigns,” that focus on “a tremendous amount of replayability,” with “customization unlockables” for finishing levels and challenges. DLC is also coming down the pipeline.

Although Stadia could still use a “killer app,” Get Packedlooks like a blast for anyone who enjoyedOvercooked. I’m pretty jazzed to give it a go when it arrives on Stadia “soon.” If you aren’t down with Google’s new platform, it’s described as a “Stadia launch exclusive,” so the wording implies it’ll arrive elsewhere at some point.