Here's a recap of everything that happened at Gamescom Opening Night Live 2020


It was…a show

So Gamescom is here: but instead ofsending our writers out to Cologne, Germany, it’s being held virtually. As one does in 2020!

Yes, just about every tradeshow has been blown up by the events of this year, but Geoff Keighley put on his PR-face and gave us a livestream anyway in the form of Gamescom Opening Night Live. It had a few new announcements in a sea of ads and trailers for games we already knew about. In other words, it was a very “summer of 2020 stream” and par for the course.

After hyping up the event for weeks on end, Geoff did warn us at the start that it “wasn’t going to shock and awe,” and he was right! As our own Jordan Devore told me after it was over: “that stream was a lot!” A lotta air time.

You can find a full recap of everything major that happened below: you might find some scraps.