Here's a recap of the huge Fallout 76 December update


Including the radio plays

The gigantic Fallout 76 December update is here, in the form of “Night of the Mothman.” So far, so good! But if you haven’t tried it yet or generally just want to get caught up with the game, the developers put out a catch-up blog and video to help.

I’m not going to embed the video directly because the thumbnail is going to freak some of you out (goodbye, dislike button!), but you can find it here. The recap is also accompanied by a series of three radio play videos (totaling around 30 minutes), which is centered around the “Dr. Zorbo’s Revenge” themed season pass.

The gist is that the Mothman Equinox event is running until December 21 at the top of every hour, allowing you to battle the Enlightened cult for rewards. Season 7 is underway too (with the aforementioned theme), as are general quality of life improvements on top of a public event rework.

I’m honestly astounded at what this time has accomplished since the ill-fated launch of Fallout 76. There is more effort put into these radio plays from the production team and the cast than a few full Bethesda games.

You can find them below!

Fallout 76 Radio Play Part 1: Dr. Zorbo’s Revenge

Fallout 76 Radio Play Part 2: Dr. Zorbo’s Revenge

Fallout 76 Radio Play Part 3: Dr. Zorbo’s Revenge