Here's a recap of this year's April Fools' gags


Most of them were decent

Ah April Fools’, the one time a year where half of the internet says that the other half doesn’t have a sense of humor.

I’ve always been kind of torn on the celebration myself. On one hand, a lot of these pranks end up as timeless discussion points and truly hit the mark as art forms in and of themselves. On the other, I’ve grown tired of the tryhard nature of the festivities, and outside of my required duties, I try to stay out of it to avoid the whirlwind of what is real and what isn’t. I don’t chalk it up to getting old, as I’ve felt this way for over a decade. Wait what was I talking about again?

Anyways, rant aside, here’s a recap of what went down today! You like fun, don’t you?

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