Here's a ton of new Yo-Kai Watch 4 gameplay


Still aiming for a 2019 release on Switch

There’s a lot riding onYo-Kai Watch 4.

As I explained in my lengthy takedown of the series, Level-5 has witnessed the appeal of the series wane over time and is now throwing a Hail Mary at the Nintendo Switch. Still due sometime this year following a delay, Yo-Kai Watch 4is poised to bring the lovable world back into the spotlight with a full 3D open world concept that looks a whole lot like a Ni No Kunigame. With an expanded battle system and a generation-spanning narrative, it has a lot of promise.

You can get a good look at the RPG below by way of World Hobby Fair 2019 footage if you’re a curious importer or reside in Japan. Yes those provisos are definitely a thing: Level-5 has not confirmed a western window for Yo-Kai Watch 4yet. With any luck their faithful publishing partner Nintendo will pull through and distribute it outside of Japan.

‘Let’s Play’ gameplay videos [Gematsu]