Here's Destiny 2's roadmap going forward, starting with the raid on September 14


Last Wish and first updates

Destiny 2 has a lot riding on today’s Forsaken update. Many of its fans quit at various stages of its content rollouts, including the two micro-expansions, and this big drop is seeking to be the thing that keeps people hooked. In short it’s a lot like The Taking King DLC from Destiny: the one that essentially saved the game from mediocrity and held the line throughout its lifetime. Now we have a better idea of what the future will bring.

Today the Forsakenupdate dropped, and thanks to a roadmap, we know what’s coming. First up is the Last Wish raid, which Bungie is hyping quite a bit (like everything really), which will drop on September 14. Then on September 18 the Iron Banner returns, and a new Crucible map “The Convergence” arrives. On September 25 a new Crucible mode “Breakthrough” will be playable (defend and attack vaults), and in October the Festival of the Lost (read: Halloween) event returns “with a twist.” Finally, the annual pass content is set to drop in December (Black Armory), Spring 2019 (Joker’s Wild), and Summer 2019 (Penumbra).

Stay tuned for our full review of Destiny 2: Forsakenin the near future.

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