Here's everything you get when you buy a Nintendo Switch


Joy-Cons and Wrist Straps and Switch Docks, oh my!

If Nintendo’s unveiling event for their new console has convinced you that you gotta get your meat mitts on one o’ them Switches, you might be wondering what all you get for your $300. Here’s what’s inside:

The console itself, a Switch Dock for when you want to play on your television, a Left and Right Joy-Con, wrist straps for both, an HDMI cable, and an AC adapter.

There are two different bundles at the same $300 price point. One has a neon blue Left Joy-Con, and a neon red Right Joy-Con, and the console itself is gray. The other has gray Joy-Cons as well as a gray console.

Are you guys gonna try to be colorful or stick to the monochromatic scheme?