Here's exactly whats in Destiny's April 12 update


An infograph of every event

Since Bungie has decided to break down the April Destinyupdate into multiple Twitch streams, it can get a little confusing in terms of figuring out what’s actually in it. Thankfully, it sent over a handy infographic that explains it all in picture form, so you don’t have to go hunting around for each tidbit.

In short, there’s a new quest, new faction rewards, a Level 41 Prison of Elders variant, two Strikes, upped Heroic Strike rewards of 310 Light, and a challenge mode that goes up to 335 Light. The exact rewards and Light levels are in the gallery below, so feel free to plan out your new approach for maxing out!

Having maxed in every expansion, I may sit this one out for the first time. It’s a retread of my least favorite expansion, House of Wolves, and in fact, the entire update looks like a retread. We’ll see if my raid group is interested.