Here's footage of Devil May Cry 3's rocking new Switch co-op mode


Remember, it’s only for the Bloody Palace

In case you missed it, Devil May Cry 3on Switch will have three significant enhancements:

That list bit is really important, as it’s a major step-up from similar action games like Bayonetta 2, which are hampered to online-only co-op modes. Now Dante and Vergil can get their co-op on similar to the limited form in the original edition, which was restricted to just one boss battle and the Doppelganger form.

The video below shows it off in all its glory for over an hour (five minutes in until the 1:30:00 mark), complete with an appearance from producer Matt Walker and legendary director Hideaki Itsuno. The entire clip is worth watching in its entirety of you’re a fan of the series, as Itsuno muses on the franchise’s history and specifically how Devil May Cry 3saved it.

Given how hands-on he’s been with it lately (even directing Devil May Cry 5), I’d say the future is as bright as it’s ever been. A Devil May Cry 6-like follow-up is pretty much a given at this point.

Devil May Cry 3on Switch arrives on February 20, 2020.