Here's how Ana translates to Heroes of the Storm


Mother knows best

Before she joins Heroes of the Storm next week, Blizzard has a spotlight video for Ana. There are a lot of familiar elements here, from healing and sleep darts to grenades and a Nano Boost ultimate.

The two things I’m most down with: being able to add poison to Ana’s basic attacks, and her alternate ultimate, Eye of Horus, which lets her shoot eight rounds with unlimited range that can heal allies or damage foes. You won’t be able to move while it’s active and these rounds only hit one target (whether it be an ally, an enemy, or a structure), but that’ll be fun as hell in certain situations.

Between Ana and the other impending Overwatch addition, Junkrat, I’m more keen to try the latter. That said, maybe I’ll fare better with her long-range kit in Heroes of the Storm.