Here's how Borderlands 3's Mayhem Mode 2.0 random modifiers work at every Mayhem level


The endgame is about to get Very Hard

As we postulated last week, Mayhem Mode 2.0 is coming to Borderlands 3very soon. Gearbox called the endgame overhaul “imminent,” but now we have a finalized date to look forward to. Mayhem Mode 2.0 launches on April 23 on all platforms.

Alongside the long-coming release date, Gearbox also explained how the random modifiers will work across Mayhem Mode 2.0’s ten different difficulty levels. The idea behind Mayhem Mode is that each level is increasingly more difficult, and that each subsequent level drops better loot than the previous. That’s the reward for grinding through all these new levels.

However, each level also tweaks the difficulty by assigning a random modifier to your session. They’re divided into four classes — easy, medium, hard, and very hard — and Borderlands 3never lets you pick what you’re going to get. Some are beneficial, like the easy modifier “Galaxy Brain” that increases the size of enemies’ heads. Other things change the pace of play, like the medium modifier “Floor is Lava” which forms pools of lava under your feet when you stand still.

The one constant is that each Mayhem level will always have the same number of modifiers and corresponding difficulty ratings. Here’s the breakdown:

This really just skims the surface. There are 25-or-so modifiers and Gearbox only detailed four of them. (Others: easy modifier Big Kick Energy increases weapon damage but also ups their recoils and spread; hard modifier Drone Ranger gives enemies healing drones.) Gearbox says that it’s leaving the rest for the players to find themselves, which includes all of the toughest ones. The very hard modifiers kick in at Mayhem 8, where the enemies will already be tough enough on their own.

Back on the grind because Mayhem 2.0 has eight new Legendaries to farm. A given example is the Sand Hawk automatic sniper that fires nine bullets at once, and they “move to mimic the way that a hawk flaps its wings.” While you’re chasing new levels and drops, might as well hop into the new Revenge of the Cartels event that also kicks off on April 23. Two birds, one stone and whatnot.

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