Here's how bounties work in Dying Light: The Following


Community challenges!

Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Editionis just around the corner, and Techland has released a video detailing the new Bounty system. There are three types that are unlocked after finishing the main story: Basic Bounties, Dailies, and Community Challenges.

Basic Bounties are challenges that you’ll most likely accomplish while just dicking about the game world, like decapping a certain amount of zombies. Dailies will introduce a new challenge every day, leading to new rewards. Community Challenges will require players to globally band together to complete such tasks as killing 1,000,000 zombies.

Techland is making it clear that it pays attention to its community throughout the last year, and I can imagine this will be quite the hit. I’ll be reviewing The Followingas soon as I get my grubby hands on it, so look forward to that.