Here's how Final Fantasy XV's Noctis plays in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT


Baby I’m Noct up, they won’t let me out

Noctis is one of the few brand new inclusions to Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, so we’ve all been wondering what he would bring to the table.

Before he wrecks shop in Tekken 7 for some reason, he’ll fly around Dissidia land. His movement looks a lot speedier here for obvious reasons, and Noctis seems pretty much a straightforward brawler. He gets his ability to warp here, which is most likely locked down to a single move, and gets a few weapon changes.

Honestly it’s good to see another brawler given the string of spellcasters and ranged fighters we’ve seen revealed recently.Dissidia Final Fantasy NT comes to PS4 January 11 in Japan, and January 30 in the West. Going to be a packed fighting game quarter for sure.