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Here's how Persona 5 Royal's new character fits into the story

Meet Kasumi Yoshizawa

Part of the fun of the Personaseries is meeting party members. Atlus has a way with characterization, and the joy of going through an everyday life event like school and running into someone you’re going to be spending the next 80 hours with is a special feeling.

You’ll be able to experience that all over again withKasumi Yoshizawa, the new character in the enhanced Persona 5 Royalversion coming later this year. Atlus gives us a closer look at how she’ll spring onto the scene: quite literally as she rescues an errant balloon that slipped out of the hands of a child. Protagonist Joker and his disguised cat Morgana are there to witness the event. Atlus reminds us that the gymnast Kasumi is a freshman who started school the same year as Joker, which we can only assume will allow them to bond further.

Persona 5 Royal is out in Japan on October 31 of this year, followed by a 2020 release in the west. Right now it is only slated for PS4.

〠#P5R 10/31発売ï¼ã€‘ジョーカーã®è»¢å…¥ã¨åŒã˜å¹´ã®æ˜¥ã«ç§€å°½å­¦åœ’ã¸å…¥å­¦ã—ãŸæ–°å…¥ç”Ÿã€èŠ³æ¾¤ã‹ã™ã¿(CV.雨宮天)。新体æ“ã§å„ªç§€ãªæˆç¸¾ã‚’åŽã‚ã¦ã„ã¦ã€å­¦åœ’ã‹ã‚‰ã‚‚期待ã•ã‚Œã¦ã„るらã—ã„。ã‚ã®ä½“è£ã…ãŸãã‚‚ã®ã˜ã‚ƒãªã•ãã†ããœï¼ #ペルソナ5 https://t.co/x3vyNLnFwS pic.twitter.com/dXH5KXtrxb

— モルガナ_ãƒšãƒ«ã‚½ãƒŠåºƒå± (@p_kouhou) May 22, 2019

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