Here's how Shovel Knight and Nipples Juan look in Indivisible


Areolas added for your pleasure

Skullgirls developer Lab Zero recently announced that itscurrently-in-crowd funding 2D RPG Indivisible will feature a bevy cameos from various guest characters, including faces from Super Time Force Ultra, Battle Chasers, Skullgirls, Hyper Light Drifter, Curses N’ Chaos, Shovel Knight, and Guacamelee. We’ll likely have to wait a little longer to see the majority of those cameos, though we have been granted a peek at Shovel Knight and Juan (Guacamelee)in a recent series of Indiegogo updates.

Keen-eyed viewers have noted Juan’s original Indivisible art displayed the man sans nipples, though a recent update recently added areolas to the luchador’s luscious physique. This added level of sexual realism stands in stark contrast to Capcom’s recent decision to subtract some back end from the upcoming release of Street Fighter V.

If you are one of gaming’s Sexual Justice Warriors fighting for more detailed depictions of butt, nipple, and crotch in your media, you’d do well to harness your anger towards Capcom’s harsh ass-axing decisions into support for Indivisible.With a week left to go,Indivisiblehas not yet been funded on Indiegogo, so you’ll only have yourself to blame if those fan-pleasing nips are left on the drawing board.