Here's how squads and iron sights will function in Rising Storm 2: Vietnam


Help your dang squad, Rambo

Last week, Tripwire Interactive began to talk about Rising Storm 2: Vietnamafter announcing it at E3. Now it is further elaborating on the squad and firefight mechanics that it mentioned in the previous update.

As far as squads go, players’ priorities should always be helping their team as opposed to going lone wolf. All players can choose roles and create a squad, and the creator can name, lock, or invite others to their little group. The more an outfit fills up, the more functions and tools the leader has access to. A squad’s accomplishments are recognized on a newly redesigned scoreboard. Squad. Have I used that word yet?

Firefights will be made more difficult by way of iron sight misalignment. At any given time, your actions will have an effect on the way you aim with your weapon. Changing stance, moving or resting the weapon, incoming fire, automatic fire, and player stamina will all play a part in the position of your iron sight. These guys know their guns, so I’m interested in seeing how robust this system is.

Next week, Tripwire is going to be doing their first internal livestream in which they’ll be answering questions about both Rising Storm 2: Vietnamand Killing Floor 2. You can find it on Twitch.

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