Here's how to catch the Galarian Slowpoke in Pokemon Sword and Shield


It won’t take you long

Nintendo and Game Freak dropped a ton of Pokemon news on us today, but you might have missed one particular snippet that is actually live today: a new creature to catch!

Yep, although we’ll have to wait until June and “fall” for the two expansions, you can grab Slowpoke now in the existing versions of Pokemon Sword and Shield by way of a free update.

First, you’ll want to press the “+” button on the main menu of the Switch and update your Swordor Shieldcopy, if it hasn’t been already.

Next, head to Wedgehurst and go to the train station right below the Pokemon Center. Avery or Klara, the new trainers that headline the game’s expansion pass, will greet you (each version has a different character).

After a short cutscene (that basically advertises the $30 season pass) a Slowpoke will emerge and stand in the middle of the room. Save, then walk up to it to choose to fight it and catch it. One Quick Ball should do it.

This Galarian Slowpoke is level 12, and knows Growl (40/40), Acid (30/30), Yawn (10/10) and Confusion (25/25). In case you’re wondering, the Galarian Pokedex was not updated yet: it will not count as a new entry.

Eventually you’ll be able to evolve it into a Slowbro using an item from Isle of Armor, the first expansion, and a Slowking through an item from The Crown of Tundra, the second expansion.