Here's how to get five new Magic: Arena Strixhaven sleeves for free


There’s five different codes

Magic: The Gathering Arena is getting ready to host the Strixhaven expansion very soon, and it seems like it’s going to shake up the meta pretty hard.

I mean at that pointyou’ll have to deal with seven different sets in standard, including Strixhaven itself. Deckbuilding is going to be interesting! Or people will continue to use a lot of busted Eldraine and Ikoria cards in standard. Such is life! But before that happens on April 15 in Arena, there’s card sleeves for the set that are already live.

In short, each sleeve represents the accompanying school for Strixhaven, and includes an image of one of their followers, as well as the seal of said school. As a reminder, you can input them inside of the game itself in the store.

Wondering where these are from? They’re part of the official BuzzFeedy “what school are you” quiz on the official Wizards of the Coast site. But given that it asks for your personal info, you can just input the codes below and wash your hands of it all.

5 new sleeves already on MTGA [Reddit]

Sleeve codes:

  • RockJocks (Lorehold)
  • ArtClub (Prismari)
  • DebateDuelists (Silverquill)
  • SwampPunks (Witherbloom)
  • MathWhizzes (Quandrix)